Newest Slots and Casino Games

Technological advances happen fast and encompass all aspects of our lives, which means that our lives are constantly learning. The same goes for gambling and the newest slots and casino games.

Over the years, casino game lovers have been able to notice how each of the games have been innovating in order to offer more fun to the players. These changes have been noticed in table games such as cards, blackjack, roulette, poker, among others. And of course the slot machines. Without losing the essence of being able to win money.

Every year that begins, the companies in charge of the development of everything related to the online casino market surprise us with great advances in terms of games that never seem to end.

Here we will talk about what gamblers will be able to find next year in terms of technology and the newest slots and casino games, although the game developers do not give many details about the last mentioned.


It all comes down to January 15-17, where gamblers and the public were able to learn all about the newest slots and casino games at the EAG Expo.

The event took place in London, United Kingdom, where everyone was able to see the advances in technology, products and games.

More than 130 international game development companies attended an exhibition of more than 200 product lines. In addition, the event was visited by magazines’ and media’s representatives specialized in the online casino and gaming industry.

Next, we will talk about what we could see the famous developers present for next year.


IGT is one of the companies that took the gaming industry to a level never seen before. It wanted to make playing in online casinos feel as an experience much like playing in physical casinos.

During the previous years’ exhibition, this gaming developer presented booths with curved 4K screens that provide a direct experience with the game of chance just by looking at them. Undoubtedly an incredible experience for the player. It is expected that by 2023 this technology, called Power Sight, will have improvements, can you imagine that?

It is also expected that by 2023 they will launch games in which the gambler can directly “touch” the games without the need to use levers or buttons. As they did with the Sphinx 4D game, which features Mid-air Haptic technology. It is expected that it is not only this game that will have this new way of playing and that there will be many more.


GameCo is another famous company that develops games and products for online casinos. They have taken on the task of incorporating new ways of betting to slot machines and other games.

As it was done years ago with the video game called Steve Aoki, which has an infinite runner style, that is to say, an endless runner that has the objective of getting as many points as possible and that will be translated into your final profit.

Some Extra Expectations

It is expected that more games like this will be released and that they will adapt new modalities to the game, such as being able to buy special abilities that will allow you to advance much better in the game and beat levels.

It is also expected that GameCo in its casino games for 2023 will improve the multiplayer option, as it did with its basketball game, where you could play against other people in real time and the one with the best score was the winner at the end of the round.

These are some advances expected to be presented by game developers in terms of slots, casino games and technology.