Now that you have decided to try ivibet casino for sports betting, all you need is an account to start with. Considering the overall sign-up dynamics of the platform, it is pretty evident that someone who doesn’t know much about creation won’t find it easy.

That’s why we will guide you through a series of steps necessary to create an ivibet account from scratch. So, try to follow up closely.

Providing the right info

The correct info is the only thing that will ensure that your account won’t get banned soon by the platform. It is necessary because the regulations imposed by such platforms are getting strict with every passing day.

This is because platforms like ivibet are online. This makes the users extremely vulnerable in front of cons artists and scammers. So, the platform will cross-check your information many times before allowing you to go to the next phase.

Accepting the terms and conditions

The next phase is super important from the perspective of the platform. When signing up for an account, most of us simply accept all the terms and conditions offered by the platform. But in the case of ivibet, you shouldn’t be doing that! The platform requires you to go through all the clauses of the agreement to prevent any future dispute.

This is also necessary as you get to know the authority you will get as a user and the kind of amnesties the platform can offer in case of a scam. Plus, legal battles can be involved, considering the severity of the issue.

Verifying account

Once the second step is also completed, you are now all set to add in your details and submit the profile for a review. The ivibet team will now carefully monitor your submitted details and cross-check them for an hour. The time consumed by this process depends upon the level and extent of the information you have provided.

Once your account is verified, you will be guided through a tutorial about accessing the ivibet account and placing your first bet. All that is left to do is make your first deposit and get an amazing sign-up bonus.

Placing your first ever bet

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Now that everything associated with your ivibet account is set, you can place your first bet. To do so, you need to select certain sports and then narrow your choice down to a certain event of that sport. You will be allowed to place your bet on any of the available options before the game starts.

Once the game starts, no one can place more bets, and all you have to do is wait for the results. If you win the bet, your funds will be transferred right into your user dashboard, from where you can withdraw them.

Final Note

Ready to enter the online betting world with a bang!? That’s great. With ivibet at your side, you will get all the support you need to achieve this goal.