New York City

The summer has arrived, so a lot of new yorkers are looking for opportunities to get away from hot weather. However, due to a difficult work schedule, not everyone has time to get out of the city. In this article, we want to discuss the green spaces within the city, so you can go out and have a good time.

If you get bored in the greenery, you can have fun on your phone. One of the ways to entertain yourself is to sign up and play on 22Bet. However, when you are out and having fun with your family, don’t spend too much time on your phone. It’s better to enjoy the greenery around you. 

Central Park

The best way to unwind in New York City is to have a picnic near your workplace. The first and obvious choice should be to go to Central Park, where there are many open fields. Central Park offers plenty of opportunities for shade as well. You will have all the freedom to choose the spot that you like. 

You can take your whole family, go with your friends or significant other. Central Park has lots of facilities for children to use. You can take them here to spend quality time together. If you’re going to go with children, the best part of central park is in the east. Here, large trees can protect you from the sun and provide lots of shade. There are also playgrounds for children to enjoy. Once you’re done having a picnic in New York City, all of you can take a walk and discuss your day. 

Brooklyn Bridge Park

picnic in New York City

This is another great destination to have a picnic in New York City. Going to Brooklyn Bridge park will feel like visiting a garden of Eden. The smell of flowers and grass in this park evokes feelings that will take you away from this reality and take you to another world.  It is also an ideal place for birthday parties. Make sure to prepare everything before you go here to celebrate your birthday. 

Governors Island
This spot is quite easy to reach by ferry, which commutes every day from Brooklyn and Manhattan. Ferry costs no more than $3. Governors Island is a picnicking paradise. There is everything you might need – from public restrooms to tables, hammocks, golf courses, bike paths, and other facilities. Most importantly, there are vast spaces to have a picnic. I would advise you to come here on weekends, because chances are, you won’t want to leave.

Governors island also offers a great skyline view of New York City. If you like Photography, or simply cool views, this is the place for you. 

Overall, NYC has many great spots where you can have a picnic. Weather is perfect for hosting a picnic as well. All you have to do is to pick a perfect time that works for your whole family or friends, and get going. You will not regret it.