The Ways of Becoming a Legendary Bettor!

Yes, we all think we are masters of sports betting for having guessed right a couple of predictions and combined bets. Okay, that can be useful to show off with friends, but if we want to start winning and become professional bettors we have to start following these tips to win with your sports bets NOW. 

Design a strategy!

Yes, your vision and your instinct have made you win impossible bets that have allowed you to fool your friends for a while, but you know very well that to win more and better you have to think of a strategy NOW! And there is no worse long-term plan than simply following your emotions.  To not lose money you need a strategy, or what is the same thing: define your bankroll, focus on a particular competition, inform yourself very well about how the players and teams arrive, the conditions of the field and most importantly, read point 3.

Patience, this is going to take a long time

Because YES, you are going to lose, no matter how much you inform yourself and specialize, losing is one of the things that will happen to you when you bet. Get used to it and don’t despair if at the beginning things don’t work out as well as you thought, betting is a very long term career and the more you bet, the more you will learn and the more money you will earn in the future. 


Line buying consists of taking advantage of price discrepancies between the same event at different sportsbooks. Finding the best possible odds guarantees a significant positive effect on the return on investment of your sports betting.

Line buying is the closest thing to a foolproof and safe strategy in sports betting. It guarantees you higher profits and long-term success in sports betting. The sooner you start doing it, the better.

Never leave anything to chance

In sports betting, they are real time, the bettor will not get rich overnight, so forget about the misconception of betting large sums of money on some games to get a lot of money. The best advice is to start slow, go slow, bet small sums of money at a time and play a lot of games. The more you play, the more chances you have of winning money. “Grain by grain…”

Never leave anything to chance is another important tip to remember. There are many bettors who see sports betting as just a form of gambling and rarely do their homework when it comes to researching and analyzing games and their odds. That’s right, before placing a bet you should always do a survey, checking the performance of each team and its players. We advise bettors to follow the odds to better prepare themselves for the games they will be betting on.


Essentially, hedging is a risk management technique that can be applied to sports betting. It is a way to reduce the exposure of your bankroll or to secure a profit on bets.

Hedging is complicated and beyond the scope of this quick strategy guide, but every hedge you make will be made by betting on a different outcome than your original bet.