JFK airport

When people mention ‘The Airport’ in NYC, they are referring to JFK airport. All things considered, it is probably the best airport in NYC: well-connected, equipped with facilities and amenities, with lots of flight options, fairly close, and can handle large numbers of tourists every day. In the year of 2019 alone, it processed more than 60 million tourists. For this reason alone, you might think that JFK is crowded, but if you are visiting NYC, crowds are probably not a problem for you.

Transport to and from JFK

When it comes to public transportation, JFK is the clear winner of all three NYC airports. It takes about 60-90 minutes to get from the airport to Manhattan city center. If you’re going to rent a car, or book a taxi or a shuttle, it will take about 40 minutes. While transferring to and from the airport, you can pass time by signing up at Woo Casino for a chance to win cash prizes. 

If you’re in NYC for just a few days, you should go for the convenience of a Taxi or ride-share like Lyft. However, if you have lots of time to spend in the city, you should definitely take the subway. It will give you a chance to learn more about the complex transportation system in NYC. It is the A and E trains that commute between the city and JFK airport. To get right next to the airport, it’s necessary to change your line to AirTrain. For A train, you should change lines in Howard Beach Station, for E train, do it on the Jamaica Station. Combined, the subway ride and AirTrain will cost you around $8. It’s still a lot cheaper than Taking a Taxi.

Cost of transfer

airport in New York City

The cost of private transfer from the airport to the city can depend on many factors. Most important is the traffic. That’s why taxis will be cheaper (around $50) in the middle of the night and early morning, when roads are free. Taxis are more expensive when there are lots of cars on the road, and can cost as much as $80. Lyft costs a little bit less, about $40.  Lyft Pool can save you about $20 more. 

There are some places where you can eat before going through the gate. Once you go through, you will find many more options, as well as shops that sell typical NYC souvenirs. During busy times, you might not be able to find a place to plug in your USB charger. Just to be safe, it’s a good idea to bring a power bank with you.

Final words

JFK has the best flight options. There are planes flying to all corners of the world. Direct connections to European capitals are very common. There are some flights to Asian countries as well. 

Overall, JFK is probably your best bet if you want to save on expensive cab rides and use public transportation. On a round trip, you will save about $100, which is a lot. If you have two identical options and one is from JFK, it is probably better to go with JFK.